Privacy Policy

For each visitor, our website recognizes a name and email address.

Together with the previous data from our visitors on the website, we collect name, address, telephone number, payment information (e.g., credit card number).

The information collected is used to contact and inform our visitors about updates, to improve and customize the content and layout of our site and for marketing purposes.

Concerning cookies, they are used to meet our visitors preferences, post items which are incorporated into the shopping cart, assess the most visited pages by our followers, inform about new pages of interest according to the background in the site when they access to it and therefore, to offer a better service to our readers.

If you don't want to receive information by mail, send an email to the address mentioned in the contact page.

Sometimes email addresses of those people who access our site are put at certain companies or organizations disposal, being these ones the ones that offer related products and may be of customers´ interest.

Reputable companies can also access your mail if it is on our list. If you don't want to share your data and receive their info, please let us know by email. Be sure to send us your name and right address. All these info will be deleted from the lists shared with other organizations.

If you make us receive your phone number, you can access our phones to receive information and be aware of new developments in regard to products, services and events. If you not willing, please let us know via email, so we make sure that it will be removed from all shared lists.

With respect to ad servers, we are not part of any company, we are partners, but not relationship unites us in special.

Occasionally, the information provided can be applied to new uses not previously disclosed in the privacy notice. If this takes place, changes will be published on our site to make them known and offer users the choice of these new uses. For this reason, we make you aware about the need to periodically review the new privacy policy stated on our web site.

Visitors to the site, who have access to the information that is kept private, possess a unique ID (user name and password), data that is kept private, including purchases, amounts, transactions, queries that consumer make us arrive, name, address and phone number; all of this is part of the information that we maintain in private.

The possibility of correcting errors in information and access the information corrected via a mail to our mail is given to followers. Concerning security, facilities are equipped with the appropriate elements to protect the information against loss, misuse, or modifications and have been compiled on our site.



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